Pricing Packages




Empower your employees to manage their well being with our Voluntary Wellness Package. It’s a cost-effective way for smaller companies to enhance their benefits package, where employees cover the costs through payroll deductions for essential wellness services.

Pricing Outline:

  • Employee Contribution: 100%
  • Employer Contribution: 0%

Some Benefits:

  • Budget-Friendly: Voluntary benefits funded by employees can enhance the overall benefits package without significantly increasing the employer's expenses.
  • Competitive Edge: Offering voluntary benefits can give an employer an edge in the job market with companies reporting a 27% increase in attracting top talent with such options.
  • Streamlined Administrative Process: Simplifies administration, especially when employees cover the costs, alleviating the workload on HR departments.


Enhance your employees’ health and well-being through our Hybrid Corporate Wellness Package. In this program, employers can select their contribution alongside their employees. This collaborative approach promotes a balanced and supportive wellness initiative.

Pricing Outline:

  • Employee Contribution: 20-80%
  • Employer Contribution: 20-80%

Some Benefits:

  • Cost Sharing: By sharing the cost of employee benefits with the workforce, employers & employees can manage their budget more effectively.
  • Flexibility: Employers can customize the contribution percentages to align with their program vision, accommodating their budgetary limitations.
  • Possible Tax Benefits: Some employer contributions might qualify for tax deductions. We recommend consulting your accounting department for verification.


Maximize the benefits of a healthier and more engaged workforce by leveraging our Employer-Funded Wellness Package. Specifically designed for larger self-insured companies, this package prioritizes employee well-being through a range of resources and incentivized rewards.

Pricing Outline:

  • Employee Contribution: 0%
  • Employer Contribution: 100%

Some Benefits:

  • Attraction and Retention: Providing fully funded employee benefits can be a powerful tool for attracting top talent and retaining existing employees.
  • Employee Satisfaction: Employees who receive fully funded benefits tend to experience higher job satisfaction, with 82% reporting feeling more valued by their employer.
  • Positive Corporate Image: Providing fully funded benefits can enhance your company's image in the eyes of both employees and the public.
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